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14 month old boy

Brittney B


"I cannot say enough about how amazing my experience with Katie was. I was cosleeping with my 14 month old and still nursing through the night. I felt it was time for him to learn to put himself to sleep. I wanted him to learn the skill. I was really afraid of an intense plan with lots of crying and that is NOT what happened. Katie did an amazing job creating a sleep plan just for us. She created a plan that we would be comfortable with and would be easy on my sweet boy. He slept through the night and in his own bed by the 3rd night! I am so thankful for the personalized support Katie gave us and now we can all get a good nights sleep! Thanks again Katie!!"

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Katie Kuncho

Sleep Consultant


September is Baby Safety Month

JPMA initiated Baby Safety Month to educate parents and caregivers on the importance of the safe use and selection of juvenile products. The campaign started in 1983 when JPMA initiated "Expectant Mother's Day." In 1986, it was extended to a week-long celebration, until 1991, when JPMA sponsored the first "Baby Safety Awareness Month." Since then, every September has been designated as Baby Safety Month.


Baby Safety Month is held in September because it's the 9th month of the year!

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Katie Kuncho

Sleep Consultant


My passion for sleep started after I experienced some rock bottom nights with my son, Owen.   I went searching for answers and what I found is this.  There are ways to help your child learn independent sleep skills without feeling mom guilt.  Once I understood what was happening with my son, I felt guilty for not helping him sooner!  Watching Owen’s transition and how it has changed our lives is what has led me on the journey of helping other families get the quality sleep that they deserve.


This Is My Why

Easy to Follow Plans

As your Sleep Consultant

How it works

1. I will send you an in depth questionaire that gives me details about your child's sleep patterns & your families goals. I will use it to customize a sleep plan for your child.


2. During a 90 minute consultation with you, I will provide sleep education, a room assessment, and explain the sleep plan including step- by- step how to handle bedtime, night wakings, and naps. I will make sure you are 100% confident & comfortable with implementing the plan.


3. You will be supported through the duration of the plan until we reach success through unlimited email, voxer messaging, and scheduled phone calls.

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