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As Your Sleep Consultant

How it Works

After Booking Your Consultation

1. After your booked appointment is confirmed, I will send you an in depth questionaire that gives me details about your child's sleep pattern & your families goals that I will use to customize a sleep plan for your child

2. During a 90 minute consultation with you, I will provide sleep education, a room assessment, and explain step by step how to handle bedtime, night wakings, and naps and make sure you are 100% confident with implementing the plan

3. You will be supported through the duration of the plan through unlimited email & voxer messaging 

app, as well as scheduled phone calls


In-home & Virtual 

In-Home Consultations

Meeting in person is a better option for some families.  Some of the advantages of the face-to-face in person consultations are clients usually feel more comfortable talking freely and there are typically less distractions.  I want you to get the full experience and understand all the information that is conveyed to you.  You will also get an in-person room assessment for your child.  I will physically do a walk through and make suggestions on how to adjust things to create an optimal sleep friendly space. 

Virtual Consultations

I want to make this as easy as possible for you.  I understandwhat it's like juggling a child that isn't sleeping on top of everyday life commitments.  This option allows more flexibility with scheduling and also allows me to work with you without you paying an extra fee for my travel.  I'll send you a link to the email provided and at our meeting time you will click the link using your computer or smart phone.  You will follow the prompts and we will be connected face to face (on screen).  It's that easy!

Options for Taking the Next Step

If you want to know more or still have questions about how this works, I recommend starting with this call.  It is only 15 minutes and its free.  The purpose of the call is for us to chat about your sleep concerns and your family's sleep goals, then decide if working together makes sense.                                             

If you are ready to start your journey to better sleep right away,  book a consultation.  I understand that every parent and child is different.  My consultation options are customizable just like my sleep plans to fit your families needs.  I offer evening and weekend appointments, as well as in home & virtual options.  You are able to access my calendar of availability and request your spot.  Once I receive your request, we will be in contact through email to customize your order and complete the booking process. The final step of the boooking process is payment.  I will send you an online invoice for your payment that is due 36 hours before our consultation 

Better Sleep to Come

Where to Start

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